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Posted: Sun Jan 14, 2018 8:52pm

Post Subject: 2 Questions

Really sorry for asking questions that have certainly been covered elsewhere. We fancy a canal holiday, but please let me describe what we hope to find, and then can people please advise which canal or journey we should choose. Everything full of character to the maximum. Interesting historic industry to see along the way. Preferably no major city centres, I really don't want to be sailing past retail parks because I want to lose myself in the time warp. Really fancy an aquaduct, but not at the expense of losing a degree of character. Want to relax and feel as though I could stop at any point and have a picnic and be delighted with the surroundings. Hope to see plenty of quaint stone bridges and locks. Secondly. A lot of narrow boats for rent seem to be very modern inside, which I personally feel are completely lacking in missed opportunities regarding character. I'd much prefer something more old fashioned, with trinkets and personal items around the place. Also, I'd like an old fashioned engine that goes dong dong dong instead of a modern smooth diesel engine. I'd also like plenty of room around the tiller so we can sit out there whilst motoring along. Can anybody recommend a place to hire such a boat? Many kind thanks in advance for all your suggestions. Lastly, is it true, do holidays like this really need booking a year in advace?


Posted: Mon Jan 15, 2018 6:34am

Post Subject: 2 Questions

Plenty of room around the tiller means a cruiser or semi-trad stern with the cruiser having the most room but no actual seats. Hire cruisers are built for reliability and to satisfy the majority so your wish for something a bit more traditional means such boats will be very few and far between. I think Union Canal Carriers at Braunstion may have a boat with a Sabb (not Saab) that may meet your criteria. I fear that you do not seem to grasp the fact that post industrial sites often get redeveloped into retail parks so I fear that wish can not be satisfied. Also, even in towns and cities, the canals seem to be rural in nature. I think that you would be best looking up north on the Leeds & Liverpool, Peak Forest, Rochdale & Macclesfield canals for the occasional industrial building but I know of no hire fleets up there that are likely to have a boat you would like. Your very specific boat requirements means that if such a boat is available for hire it is likely to be booked well ahead or not very well booked at all. If you were not so particular then apart from the absolute peak season (July & August) you should not have to book a year ahead but you may not get the hire base or specific boat you would prefer. I feel you need to do a lot more research.

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