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Posted: Tue Apr 10, 2018 10:21pm

Post Subject: Any boaters out there able to Help??

Hi, I've met a lot of friendly boaters in my time and I'm wondering if any of you can Help, or can share far and wide to anyone that may be able to Help??? I am desperate and have no idea where to I apologise as I'm sure this isn't the usual post...but if you can Help,or share,it would be greatly appreciated... v5vg-help-me-not-be-homeless-anymore Than k you


Posted: Wed Apr 11, 2018 12:01pm

Post Subject: Any boaters out there able to Help??

Having worked out that there is a spurious space in the link between the /5 and v5 it seems the poster is thinking about being given a camper van, boat or money. It is best to advise her that getting a boat is possibly the easiest part. Then a number of things that require money are needed like the Boat Safety Scheme inspection and certificate, compulsory insurance, a license for whatever navigation authority you intend to live on, possibly mooring fees unless the idea is to move a fair distance every 14 days or less on Canal & River Trust waters. To try to do otherwise is likely to get yourself in court and have the boat taken away and disposed of unless a lot of money is paid. Almost certainly a boat will not be a viable option. I also suspect a camper van will produce similar difficulties. Sorry to be a killjoy but every year a number of boats used as houses are taken from under their owners/users. A recent on in London has produced a similar appeal.

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