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Posted: Wed Apr 24, 2019 7:31am

Post Subject: Claytonrite Rubber Window Seals

Hi, I have a Weston 570 in need of replacement Claytonrite window seals. Does anyone know the dimension of the seals required?


Posted: Wed Apr 24, 2019 9:40am

Post Subject: Claytonrite Rubber Window Seals

The only photo I have found of a Weston 570 is of a boat with a high speed plaining hull and thus obviously not typical of bats on the canals so very few if any members of this forum will have any direct knowledge of such boats. From what I can see the windows are fixed, non-opening and secured using very common rubber seal and filler strip. This is also used on vehicles so it should not be that difficult to find. I am sure Seal Plus Direct partmentId=4#27 can supply but you may need to remove the filler strip on a window and pull out sufficient length of the seal so you can measure it. From my days when cars used such window seals I do wonder why you need new seals unless they are perished and falling apart. When we fitted them to cars we always "gunned" sealer into the grooves for the glass and (in your case) cabin side leaving a small area at the bottom so if any water got into the groove it could find its way out. Then we pushed the seal firmly against the glass and cabin side and removed the surplus sealer that oozed out. If you problem is just water leaks then maybe all that is required is to take the windows and seals out, clean out all the old sealer and the refit. make sure your seals are not one piece mouldings that form a complete "ring", in automotive use many were. If they are just a single long strip that you cut to length then the gap goes at the bottom. Sorry not to be much help.

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