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Posted: Sat Mar 05, 2011 5:20pm

Post Subject: Central Heating Fuel Diesel v Gas

My wife and I have decided to buy our own narrow boat and our hope is, next year when I retire, to cruise the waterways for at least a year (maybe more if we haven't killed each other). So my question is WHICH IS THE CHEAPEST FUEL TO USE DIESEL OR GAS TO RUN THE CENTRAL HEATING? Also now we have to use white diesel can we still get a rebate for cooking and heating use?


Posted: Sat Mar 05, 2011 10:41pm

Post Subject: Central Heating Fuel Diesel v Gas

At the moment (Belgium is trying to get it altered) you buy red diesel and state how much is for propulsion at the full price and how much for heating & electricity generation at a rebated price. At present the rebated price is probably between 80p & £1.00 a litre. If you have two tanks and there is availability you should still be able to buy rebated fuel for heating even if Belgium gets its way. There are so many variables which you do not define it is really not possible to answer your question. But I would point out that many, if not most, long term boaters use solid fuel stoves with or without a back boiler for heating so just ponder that for a while. By and large gas is a very reliable form of heating where as at least three makes of diesel heater have managed to gain something of a reputation. I note you are talking about diesel for cooking and again I would point out that very few boats have diesel cooking stoves and I know one that swapped from diesel to gas. If this is of any use to you I want reliability & a low battery drain and am willing to pay a degree of premium for it so I have a gas boiler and a solid fuel stove. If solid fuel costs try to follow diesel prices I suspect some UK mines will become viable so I would hate to base any decision on todays prices. Oil and LPG prices may rocket or they may settle down again if the middle east settles down and speculators catch a cold. Answer to your question - SOLID FUEL.

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