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Posted: Thu Mar 24, 2011 2:50am

Post Subject: Bukh Dv 20 instrument panel wiring

Can anyone, perhaps Tony Brooks(?) confirm where the following wires connect to from the back of the Bukh DV20 panel? Pin #30 Beige wire, #54 Red wire, #5 red wire Many thanks, Linda


Posted: Thu Mar 24, 2011 8:47am

Post Subject: Bukh Dv 20 instrument panel wiring

I have looked at my DV36, the DV24 and DV20 hand books and can find no trace of a terminal 54. The wire on pin 30 seems to be white on the diagrams and pin 5 is on the diode/terminal block with two wires connected and no colours shown for the wires. You will find information that allows you to sort out which terminal is used for what purpose on my website in the electrical notes ( Both hand books and my manual seem to show the same wiring diagrams. This is what I can say. Pin 30 (white wire) seems to be the live feed from the starter motor main terminal to the switch. Red wires seem to be the switched (ign. on)live from the ignition switch to the warning lamps and any instruments. It does this via a four blade connection on the back of the diode unit. Pin 5 on the diode unit has a yellow & green wire on it coming from the temperature sender on the engine. There is another wire on this terminal coming from the blue warning lamp. If your terminal 5 is a misread 50 on the ignition switch it should have a wire running to a fuse box and then to the thermostart, but this was not fitted on all engines. I am afraid this is the best I can do. You can find a DV20 manual and hand book (both have wiring diagrams) on ( If you email me a photo of the back of the panel,identifying the terminals I will see if I can be more help (tony@tb-training etc). Tony Brooks

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