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Posted: Sat Mar 26, 2011 2:56pm

Post Subject: Listing boat

My 48' Liverpool boat floats lower on the port side (looking forward). It has done this more or less since I bought it in October and I did have it surveyed but I wonder how worried I should be. The water tank being full or empty makes no difference (ditto diesel). All the boat 'furniture' is on the low side, but presumably the concrete slabs and iron weight under the deck at the stern on the starbord side was supposed to correct this. Can I just add more weight or is there a problem I should be considering. The only other sympom I can think of is that there is a soft spot in the kithen in the floor that needs investigation but its under fixed lino at the moment.


Posted: Sat Mar 26, 2011 8:17pm

Post Subject: Listing boat

Liverpool boats were a budget builder so would not have been overly concerned about getting the ballasting spot on. It may also have been a self fit-out which again often leads to less than perfect trim. The water tank and diesel tank are both normally across the centreline of the boat so they would just move the bow/stern up or down as they are emptied and filled. IF there is no water in the accommodation bulge (assuming a 2 bilge boat) then there is not really a problem BUT if there is water in there it would tend to pool on the low side and make any list worse. Hopefully there is a trap in the floor under the rear steps or in the bottom of a cupboard just in front of the rear bulkhead. The soft spot in the floor might indicate a plumbing leak at some time so water may have collected in the bilge. You can add ballast to one side but please note that if you alter to fore/aft trim the point at boat pivots on when turning will move forwards or backwards (probably back) so you will have to get used to the handling again. Tony Brooks

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