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Posted: Wed Apr 20, 2011 10:34am

Post Subject: Engine mounts

Hi tony, Can you help me with this expensive dilemma? i have a narrowboat with a perkins MC42 and 160 newage (I think delta)gearbox, with aquadrive. Twice now I have had to replace my engine mounts the last lot I have only had 7 days cruising since they had been put on. What seems to happen is they work loose and the top washer gets pulled into the slot which becomes oval and then cracks the outside edge of the mount. It is usually fine until it is put into gear, then its like a stallion trying to run. When tightened up the bolt, nut, washers still turn if you get a spanner and turn as if to tighten it, should this happen? As there are slots it seems to me that it is still able to move as long as the nut and bolts dont grip(the mounts are aquafax super shear 32-105kgs mounts) When first tightened everything is fine but underway when I put into tickover going past boats (alot on the K&A)it gets progressively worse and vibrates, even affecting the throttle wich wont stay in one position but ends up slipping lower and slower. Hope you can help as I am losing hair (pulling in frustration. Have cleaned off bolts to remove any grease and even used locktight and there is enough thread on the bolts so it s not running out of wishes steve


Posted: Wed Apr 20, 2011 12:07pm

Post Subject: Engine mounts

I do not understand exactly what you are talking about re the "slot". Please send a diagram or photo to If you did not have an aquadrive I would have said the engine is out of alignment with the shaft. However best ensure the Aquadrive CV joints is all but in-line. If they are you need to ensure each mount is taking the correct proportion of engine weight. If two diagonal mounts are set too high/low then you may get excess engine movement. If all that is correct then I fear something is out of balance and I know of another Perkins that had a bent crankshaft. I think that after you have done the basic checks you may need to employ a professional to give an opinion. You could also talk to T W Marine at High Peak who specialise in Aquadrives and may have more suitable mounts available. Tony Brooks

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