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Posted: Sat May 21, 2011 1:39pm

Post Subject:

Hello we are novices and have just just bought an old 1978 38ft springer narrow boat. It has a survey from 2007 at which time the hull was completely overplated.We are moored on the kennet and Avon near Burbage and would like to have the boat taken out of the water as we need to replace the engine,(we have a reconditioned one which was sold to us with the boat), we also want to look and see if she needs any other necessary repairs and to sandblast the old paint off and restore her to her former glory. We bought the boat knowing it needed some work and we're looking forward to doing much of this ourselves. Does anyone know anywhere local to Burbage where we could dry dock her and be able to do some of the work ourselves. Many thanks from the novices.


Posted: Sat May 21, 2011 7:37pm

Post Subject: Pulling out on K&A

Waterscape ( guides) shows very few dry docks on the K&A and my copy of Nicholsons is on the boat. Waterscape seems to show the nearest is Newbury and a slipway at Pewsey Wharf. I am sure I have seen boats out on the hard at Great Bedwin and I seem to remember a sign giving contact details. If you are planning to sandblast its is vital that you make sure the site operator knows. It creates so much dust and mess they may not be willing to allow it. This sounds like a long term job so I doubt an actual dry dock would be economic if you want to stay in it for weeks. It may be cheaper to find hard standing (like I saw at Bedwin) and have it craned out and back in. I think you would do well to contact the Kennet & Avon Canal Trust and also the Pewsey Boat Club and see if they have better local information. However I am sure you need to visit the sites to discuss your requirements. I know Reading Marine Services at Aldermaston (now ABC group) used to lift boats out but the guide makes no mention of them. Once you get the other side of Devizes there are several more yards (again not listed on Waterscape)but I doubt you would want to contemplate the flight or distance if it needs a new engine. Over to our readers who really know the area. Tony Brooks

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