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Posted: Mon Jul 04, 2011 6:30am

Post Subject: What size fuse

Tony I have an inverter with an inline fuse fitted in the live wire which has blown. I do-not know what size fuse to get to replace it as the one which is in looks home made, (see photo attached) The spec for the inverter says Input voltage nomonal (12v), Input voltage range (10.5v-15v0, Low voltage alarm (11v), Automatic shut off (10v), Current consumption (70A), The cable is 25mm. Can you tell if the fuse is home made or if not what type it is, the nearest thing I have founs is something called a "spanner fuse". Thanks

What size fuse

Posted: Mon Jul 04, 2011 10:00am

Post Subject: What size fuse

25mm cable seems to be rated at well over 150 amps so you can use any fuse up to the cable's rating UNLESS the instructions for the inverter says otherwise, but I doubt they will. If the inverter draws 70 amps it will also cause a starting surge of at least another 20% so I would use a 100 amp fuse. The photos on the forum are not large enough to be useful but your fuse looks home made to me. You can get large capacity cartridge type fuses plus a suitable holder from propper electrical suppliers (not B&Q etc.). I think Vehicle Wiring Products (to name one supplier) also list high current fuses and holders. Have a search and change both the fuse and holder. Tony Brooks

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