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Posted: Fri Jul 08, 2011 5:02pm

Post Subject: Fridge

Hello, I have a 4.3 cu.ft slimline fridge installed in my boat. The fridge was supplied by Batts Marine( now no longer trading). To be honest the fridge is now old and I want to replace it, but I cannot find anything on the net. etc to replace it with, The fridge is fitted with a Danfoss compressor and control unit which automatically switches the power over to 240 v when I have an electric hookup. I have been tod that the new breed of 3 way fridges should not be used on boats but cannot for the sake of it understand why. They are used in caravans etc. I would not use gas anyway to power a fridge, to dangerous in my view. Besides the extra pipework at the back invades my space available 85cm h,48cm w,59cm d. Is there anyone you know of who supplies 12v/240v fridges. Thanks for any help you can give. Peter.


Posted: Fri Jul 08, 2011 6:31pm

Post Subject: Fridge thsi is absolutely ideal - but many peole get on well with thsi type pf setup.

First of all you must accept that you are unlikely to get a new fridge of the exact size of the old one but look at who are probably the market leaders in 12V fridges. I have checked and they have things to fit but the surround may need modification. Danfoss compressors fitted to all these fridges are 12/24 volt only units and Shoreline sell an add on to drive them form the mains. I bet if you look behind you fridge you will find a "black box" that is changes mains (when available) to 12/24 volts. It is just an add on. You could also consider a mains fridge plus suitable inverter but if you do long trips away from mains power I am not sure if this is ideal from a minimal electricity consumption point of view. However many people are happy with this solution. The reason why three-way fridges (and they are not new - we had them in the 1970s) are not a good idea on 12V DC is because 12V DC operation is designed for use between home and a caravan site so no thermostat is provided. Add to this the fact that they are absorption fridges drawing about 8 amps at 12V (yours draws about 4 amps with thermostat) for 24 hours a day and you can see you are very likely to end up flat batteries and tomatoes as solid as rocks. Tony Brooks

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