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Posted: Sat Jul 16, 2011 8:21pm

Post Subject: The right boat

Hi, Im not exactly new to boating but its been a number of years since I was last lucky enough to be out on a boat.I have never owned my own boat but I have crewed for mates or family on narrow boats,fishing boats even hire boats and covered the broads. I am now 59 in excellent health and due to retire very soon.Im afraid that gardening or doing endless lists for her in doors just isnt for me. I really think that boating is for me and just may stop me going off my trolly when I stop working. I live more or less equal distance from the Leeds Liverpool and Lancster canals. I intend to find moorings on the Lancaster canal at a location very close to the Ribble Link. This is where my problem starts, I would like to find a boat that can go on the canals or out to sea. Im not into narrowboats and the cruisers Ive seen so far havent set me on fire yet. I need a boat that fits under the 8'canal bridges, not more that a 10' beam so it can get through the Ribble link and needs to be no longer than 30'to fit the mooring. The boat needs to have the power to run the Ribble flow and of course some speed for getting out to sea for some fishing. The cruisers Ive seen on the canal around here seem to have very little space outside and lots of inside cabin. I would prefer less inside with bigger cockpit so and less cabin space. I really like the Sealine Senators or Ambassors, but I havent seen any of these or anything like them on the canals. Can you tell me if the Sealines would be ok or it there anything similar I could buy.


Posted: Sun Jul 17, 2011 8:12am

Post Subject: The right boat

I think your specifications are very specific so even if the boats you mention will fit the canals I doubt many other people would want to use one in that way. A few months ago I know there was a seagoing boat for sale on the Bridgewater (If I recall the location correctly). I note that you do not mention draft and I know the Savil Brook section of the link has a fairly severe draft restriction. Two more things come to mind. It is vital you think about how well any boat you buy will react to being struck hard by about 15 tons of misguided steel. on the canals it is inevitable that it will eventually happen. The other thing is that a hull that is designed to be capable of planing may well make an unacceptable wash at canal speed. Tony Brooks

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