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Posted: Fri Sep 02, 2011 11:08pm

Post Subject: Permit fees

I'm interested in a list on the web of the fees charged by various government bodies for canal use in England. My wife and I intend to be cruising liveaboards for a year or so and I would like to know how much to budget for our 58' NB. Ben


Posted: Sat Sep 03, 2011 8:38am

Post Subject: Permit fees

It is hard to know what you mean by FEES. As far as canals are concerned there are only two main bodies. British Waterways who run the Waterscape website which gives the BW license costs and also the price for a BW issued Gold License that covers you for both BW waters and the EA canals. The other one is Peel Holdings for the Bridgewater canal but BW licensed boats get 14 days of use. The Environment Agency licenses the rivers and from memory each system has ts own site giving fees but the Gold License covers both BW & EA waters. The Middle Levels do not need a license at the moment. The Broads are not connected to the main system so can be ignored. The River Wey is licensed by the National Trust but you will not get there directly from BW waters. Then there are the fees for mooring (usually on rivers and at the odd BW "honeypot" site), Toilet content pump out/disposal fees. Fees for filling the water tank (again mainly on rivers), use of things like showers & washing machines. Then there is the mandatory third party insurance. This list usually applies where the facilities are supplied by private companies and can often be avoided with careful planning. I do not believe there is a single web based source so you can Google as easily as I can. As a guide allow about £1000 for the Gold license. I think has links to most of what you want but it is a far from easy site to use. Tony Brooks

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