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Posted: Sun May 11, 2008 7:16pm

Post Subject: Smoky Lombardia engine

We purchased a second hand lomdardia engine last year unfortunutly after approx 20 hours the engine misfired and a plume of white/blue smoke appears. This is an intermitant problem which can happen irregularly with no apparent reason. Any ideas?


Posted: Sun May 11, 2008 9:19pm

Post Subject: Smoky Lombardia engine

Oh dear, I have been dreading a question like this. It depends upon exactly which Lombardini engine you have, but I fear it is not going to be cheap to fix. I suspect your engine uses an unusual injection system where that is unique to Lombardini. When I was preparing a course for BT engineers I had occasion to try to get some information about the engines direct from Lombardini so I could explain to the engineers exactly why they should not go fiddling with the fuel system. All Lombardini would say, repeatedly, was “tell them to consult our own engineers”. It is always worth changing the fuel filters, but I doubt that will cure it. You could try a strong dose of something like Marine16 in the fuel tank just in case it’s a diesel bug problem. This should not cost more tan perhaps £30 for parts. Although it might be a sticky valve I suspect it is an injection problem. Even if it is a valve the injection system needs a degree of dismantling to gain access to the valve. To make matters worse a very experience engineer I know who works in the breakdown field has intimated that these engines may be best considered as throw away units. I think you should talk to your local Lombardini agent but ensure he gives a binding quote and a guarantee that the work he is quoting for will provide a long-term fix before he commences any significant work. I am very interested in how this progresses on this particular engine so please keep me informed. I think you may be wise to start early stage planning for an engine change just in case my fears turn out to be correct.

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