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Posted: Thu May 15, 2008 12:31pm

Post Subject: Creighton Cruisers

I have just purchased a 26' centre cockpit Creighton cruiser "Ellie May" which I think might be their "Sterling" model and is of unknown vintage. Does anyone know anything about Creightons, what age this might be, anything I ought to keep an eye on etc? I'm new to boating so feel free to advise! Dave


Posted: Thu May 15, 2008 2:15pm

Post Subject: Creighton Cruisers

The boat probably dates from the early to mid 1980s and judging by the number there are for sale they must have lasted well. Being GRP there is always the danger of osmosis so without detailed knowledge about the quality of the hull thickness and lay-up I can not say how serious it will be. Ideally a surveyor would have tested the hull for damp penetration and advised accordingly. However you should take it out of the water at least every two years or so to allow the hull to dry out, to clean the marine growth off and to reapply the antifouling. If you find the hull has blisters full of foul smelling liquid when popped you would be well advised to seek professional advice. I would be more concerned about the mechanical condition of the machinery, especially if it has an outdrive. If it is shaft driven then as long as the engine starts well from very cold and the running noise is not excessive I expect it will be fine. If it has an outdrive please ensure the oil in the leg is removed and checked for water contamination. If water has got in the seal behind the prop has probably failed. This oil needs changing at least once a year. If the alternator is the original it will probably have less than 50 amps output, so do not go treating the electrical system like the one at home. Just think before you add more equipment. You will find a lot of information to help new boaters understand their boats in the course notes on my website. These can be printed out chapter by chapter. Tony Brooks

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