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Posted: Wed Apr 04, 2012 12:38pm

Post Subject: Carbon Monoxide alarm

Just thought i would let people know. After a few Weeks of worry when the carbon monoxide alarm intermittently went off day and night. Having had the heating systems and gas systems checked. The problem was the domestic batteries giving off a gas that set the alarm off although this could not be carbon monoxide. I knew the batteries were on their last legs but as I was plugged into the mains did not worry although the charger was working hard. As proof when I removed the batteries from the boat to fit new ones and put them in the car, I also put the CO alarm in the car while parked, and after 10 minutes the alarm whent mad with a reading of 360ppm. Since I have had the new batteries in the boat, the alarm is silent with a reading of zero. So if your co alarm keeps going off and you know your gas and heating system is ok, check your batteries. The alarm is Kidd

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