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Posted: Wed May 28, 2008 2:19pm

Post Subject: 12v televison

Hello me and my fiance have just bought our first boat to live aboard a Charlie Fox 49ft cruiser narrowboat and we move in on Friday. We need to buy a 12v television, please can you advise the best place to buy one and if possible under £150? Kind Regards, Hannah


Posted: Wed May 28, 2008 4:07pm

Post Subject: 12v televison

This question is not as easy as it sounds because in a very few years the analogue service will be switched off and we will have to use Freeview or satellite. As each area changes over to Freeview the signal will be boosted but at the moment the Freeview coverage (especially on canals with low mounted aerials) is not as good a analogue so I suspect you either buy the cheapest analogue set you can find, check with other boaters in your area to see what Freeview reception is like and if its OK buy a digital set or else buy a duel tuner set. Many small "domestic" TVs use a mains to 12v adaptor so one of these will be fine with just a 12v lead. However it may be wise to also buy a voltage stabiliser at about £40 so you do not damage the set when battery charging at up to 15 volts. Many people do not and seem to have no problems though. This sort of set is available from the usual suspects like Comet, supermarkets and department stores - just check it is a 12v set, not all are. These outlets supply both analogue & digital models but only the more expensive ones are dual tuner. Dual tuner models in smaller sizes are available from the likes of Maplin the internet. Roadpro sell models specifically retailed as suitable for boat/vehicle use as do caravan outlets. I suspect you need to watch out for "specialist" mark-ups in some of these though. It is vital that you get your aerial as high as possible, especially for Freeview reception, and in many locations a directional aerial is needed for Freeview. With your budget I would look in supermarkets, Maplin, the internet and any of those "bargain" shops that seem to be springing up, but take care over the reliability of products from the later. Tony Brooks

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