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Posted: Thu May 17, 2012 7:42pm

Post Subject: Trip from Maesbury Marsh to Kingston upon Thames!

Hi Canal Boat! Just bought a 45ft narrow boat last night to live on and am absolutely excited!! I do have a problem my mooring is in Kingston upon Thames but the boat is up in Maesbury Marsh! Can anyone give advise on the trip down - the best and QUICKEST route and i appreciate there is no quick route at 3mph!!I have 10 days off work to complete it and have 2 companions to help. The boat has navigation lights so can cruise at night if neccessary ANY advise would be very much appreciated!!

Trip from Maesbury Marsh to Kingston upon Thames!

Posted: Thu May 17, 2012 8:47pm

Post Subject: Trip from Maesbury Marsh to Kingston upon Thames!

Have a play with the on-line canal planner. It seems to think that with 7 hour days it will take you about 19 days. Now the days are longer you could boat for longer each day but unless you are experienced you will get tired (I only plan for a maximum of 6 hour days) and you have to leave time for shopping for supplies. Just to add to the problems this time is probably going to be too short because both routes to the Thames have time restrictions on certain lock flights because of lack of water. Personally I do not think you have a hope of doing it in 10 days This year. The route suggested is the Llangollen canal to the Shropshire Union, then the Birmingham navigations to the Grand Union. Canal Planer AC says the Grand Union all the way to London and then up the Thames. However the Oxford Canal has narrow locks and I find it easier than the Grand Union so I would go from Napton Junction, down the South Oxford to the Thames and then down to London. In the season the Thames Locks tend to be manned and if not are powered so it is a little easier. You will need both a BW and an EA Thames license. As you will be based on the Thames you will need an annual license so if the boat is not already licensed for BW look into a temporary license. I think they do them for 30 days. You could also look at the cost of Gold Licenses which cover both navigation authorities. Make sure that you have an anchor for the Thames and although you do not need a FULL set of navigation lights (not just the red and green ones) for after dark boating on the canal you do for the Thames. The quickest way to Kingston is on the back of a lorry. With your time constraint you might also think about a professional Boat delivery service as advertised in the back of the magazine. If you are going to do it all yourself I suspect you may have to leave the boat around Napton Junction and then weekend it back to London but if you plan to do this be aware of any local mooring restrictions (14 days maximum or less) or BW may be after you - its only 48 hours on the canal in Oxford. Once you have dates you MUST check the lock restrictions. Have a look on Tony Brooks

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