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Posted: Tue Jul 31, 2012 6:22pm

Post Subject: Bukh DV8 fuel additive

I am running a 1985 Bukh DV8 sail drive in a Laser28 Engine had a full rebuild 2009 runs around 20 hours a season .Should I be using a fuel additive ( heavy machine operators all say yes ) if so what type and brand . Thank you


Posted: Wed Aug 01, 2012 9:24am

Post Subject: Bukh DV8 fuel additive

The major problem with the fuel is "bug", which is a variety of yeasts, moulds and microbes that "eat" the fuel and tend to live at the interface between the diesel and any water in the tank. This tends to form "mats" of slime that blocks the filters. If your boat has facilities at the bottom of the fuel tank to drain any water in the fuel AND you use it regularly then the bug will not have much water to breed with so an additive is far less important. If there is no water drain then an additive is more important. If you use supermarket diesel then it will contain a proportion of bio-diesl. Red diesel may or may not contain bio and bio tends to encourage bug growth so an additive is even more important. If this is a sea-boat or a yacht it is very important that you regularly drain any water from your fuel tank because in both cases boat movement is likely to stir the water up until it blocks the filters. Until last year I recommended an emulsifying additive like Fuelset but RCR Ltd (a national inland marine breakdown organisation) has found such additives have been causing a waxy substance to block filters. Both they and I now recommend a combined biocide and demulsifier like Marine 16 or Grotamar. However when using this type of product it is vital that you regularly remove the water it displaces from the fuel from the bottom of the tank. Now the UK fuel industry is supplying gas oil that has similar specifications to DERV there is little need for fuel “enhancing” additives although the occasional use of one that claims to clean the injectors will do no harm. Tony Brooks

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