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Posted: Thu Dec 06, 2012 12:53pm

Post Subject: Canal Living product design survey

I am requesting your participation by kindly taking a few minutes to answer the following four questions regarding living on the canals with specific interest in any improvements, innovations, and or modifications you have made on or to your boat. 1- What kind of things do you take into account living on water that you don't think about when living on land? 2- Describe any innovations, modifications, inventions you have made to any existing products/ services or systems on your boat that you found necessary to improvise. 3- Please name a few essential items for canal boat living. 4- Are there any products, services, events not currently available that you would like to have or envision existing for future canal boat living.


Posted: Thu Dec 06, 2012 3:55pm

Post Subject: Canal Living product design survey

Unless this questioner explains who she is, why she wants this information, and who she is working for may I ask all readers not to respond. I would suggest that she contacts the Magazine Editor to explain herself and ask for permission to do potential commercial research on the Forum. I would also add that this looks a bit as if it is an educational research set as a project and if it is she needs to clarify and explain her questions. e.g Question 3 - Boat, Water, knives and forks, is that really what you want? Tony Brooks

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