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Posted: Wed Jan 16, 2013 8:24pm

Post Subject: Chimney Sweep

Hi. Ever time I open my "Boatman" stove door to put more coke on the fire I get a lot of smoke coming into the cabin. I assume the chimney needs sweeping and am finding it very difficult to find a sweep who will do it. Any advice or solutions will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Chimney Sweep

Posted: Thu Jan 17, 2013 7:52am

Post Subject: Chimney Sweep

Stoves will do that if there is insufficient draw on the chimney and that could be because the whole thing is too cool, chimney & stove, lack of flue height, or a down-draft caused by wind/local topography. An undersized flue or, as you say, a partially blocked flue will also cause it. Have you had the throat plate (if there is one) out of the stove to check for debris on top of it? I understand that a traditional way of dealing with a blocked flue is to cut a suitable holly branch and pull this through the flue several times. If the stove has a throat plate you will have to remove it to get access to the lower end of the flue. However if there has been a lot of wood burnt, especially unseasoned wood, then that might not remove the tar stuck to the flue. In that case try burning one of the special "logs" or powder sold to remove such tar. If it will not shift or if you have been burning a lot of ordinary coal then I fear it may be a DIY job. Clas Ohlson sell wire "sweeps" brushes in two sizes that you can tie a length of rope to a pull through the flue.If after removing the throat plate and inspecting the flue you find it is not blocked try running the stove on high for a while before opening the door AND open the door slowly, first just opening it a crack. This sill allow such draw that there is to gradually pull clean air into the stove and up the chimney purging it of smoke/fumes. Tony Brooks

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