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Posted: Sun Jun 22, 2008 7:23pm

Post Subject: moorings

My wife and I will be moving to the UK in February next year..We will be taking up a second hand boat as a livaboard. Can you answer the silly question that we have not been able to fully understand. What are the specifications for Residential and Permanent moorings. We will be doing a lot of cruising, even in winter, but cannot understand the difference between the two types of mooring and is it possible to rent out moorings if we become temporary (permanent) cruisers. Allan Gent.


Posted: Sun Jun 22, 2008 9:25pm

Post Subject: moorings

First the easy part about renting out. The answer is "only if you actually own the mooring". Most moorings are rented and the ability to put another boat on "your" mooring when you are away is a nice little earner for mooring owner. However some marinas MIGHT pass a percentage of any fees back to you. Get this clarified before signing any mooring agreement. Most moorings in the UK are in some way subject to planning permission and often the permission has clauses such as people will not be allowed to live on them. Sometimes you are only allowed to stay on the boat for a certain number of nights per week/month whilst it is on the mooring. Even if the mooring was put in place without the need for planning permission a change of use such as from mooring an empty boat on it for long periods to mooring a live-aboard boat on it may still require planning consent. Local authorities seem very reluctant to give consent for permanent live-aboard (residential) moorings for cruising boats because they may well not be able to legally collect council tax on them (many will try even though the law is less than clear cut). It is not unknown for a mooring owner to be incredibly blind when people are living aboard their boats on a mooring classed as a one for leaving the boat, empty, between cruises (in other words a permanent mooring) but they may want a higher mooring fee and there will be absolutely no security of tenure so trouble for the council or complaints etc could get you moved on without notice. So a permenant mooring is a mooring space you rent to park your empty boat when you are not cruising it. Residential moorings are moorings you rent with the legal right to live on the boat there. These are as hard to find as the proverbial rocking horse dung. Are you aware that BW make a number of 14 day moorings available as permanent moorings for use over the winter months. These are intended to allow continuous summer cruisers a winter mooring. technically you might not be specifically allowed to live on them , but very many appear to without any problems. Tony Brooks

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