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Posted: Sat Jun 08, 2013 8:18pm

Post Subject: Drive Plate Beta BV1505 PRM120 Standard Gear box

My boat has developed a resonating vibration when in gear, just above tick over, this does not occur when in reverse. I have been told that the drive plate probably requires replacing. Does this sound like a correct diagnosis and is it a difficult procedure to replace. I undertake most of the mechanical jobs on the boat and advice on how to proceed with this would be most appreciated. Yours Johnny.


Posted: Sat Jun 08, 2013 9:14pm

Post Subject: Drive Plate Beta BV1505 PRM120 Standard Gear box

I know that some Betas suffer chatter from the gear teeth at low speeds and that changing the drive plate for a "better" one cures it. Talk direct to Beta about this. Drive plates usually knock or rattle in neutral and at low speed early in their failure cycle but Without seeing and hearing the boat I can not say this is the problem in your case. To change the drive plate (sorry, the forum is not the best place to write this):- disconnect the prop-shaft coupling and push/twist the shaft so it moves Back. Have the tiller at 90 degrees to the boat and push the shaft back until the prop touches the rudder, you may have to loosen the stern gland. If you are lucky the shaft will go back far enough to give clearance to pull the gearbox away from the engine. If not undo the rear engine feet and jack/lift/lever & block the engine up so the gearbox coupling can pass over the shaft coupling. Watch the cooling and fuel pipes. Do not mess with the large lower nuts on the mounts. The gearbox is bolted to an adaptor plate that is in turn bolted to the flywheel housing (I think). Undo the ring of bolts around the adaptor plate and with help lift and pull the gearbox plus adaptor plate away from the flywheel housing. This should expose the hole through which you can see the drive plate that is bolted onto the flywheel by about 6 or 8 small (11mm head?) bolts. Tony Brooks

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