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Posted: Sat Jun 29, 2013 7:05pm

Post Subject: Engine tick over.

Hi Tony, My 1991 narrow boat has a 1.5 BMC engine and whilst we have just been out on a two week holiday a bit of a problem arose, on a particular day we had a short day's cruising so when we moored up i decided to run the engine a while longer for battery charging purposes, how ever when i decided to stop the engine i put it into neutral and the engine cut out, put the throttle forward whilst out of gear and engine started, no problem, put it in to neutral and it cut out again, checked the engine manual and went through all the check procedures, i.e. check cable linkages, fuel starvation etc but in the end i had to adjust the idleing screw to give me the 500 to 600 revs as per the manual, after doing this the remainder of our holiday it was absolutely fine, i am just curious why should i have to suddenly make such an adjustment, what could cause the idleing screw to suddenly require to be adjusted, thank's, Alan


Posted: Sat Jun 29, 2013 9:33pm

Post Subject: Engine tick over.

There are several variations for the 1.5 injector pump but the most common one has an idle stabilisation damper that is supposed to stop the revs dropping too far as you go to idle. Under certain circumstances this b=can cause a high or low idle speed, especially if it wears a bit, is maladjusted or sticks. Maybe it freed itself off and allowed the idle speed to fall. Some people maladjust it it without knowing when they insist on using bleed screw on the top of the pump. To be honest I have no real idea though. Air in the fuel can cause hydraulically governed pumps (like most 1.5s) to do all sorts of odd things but it is usually revving themselves up, not reducing their idle. I think I had your symptoms once with water in the fuel but then the engine soon stopped. Blocked filters etc also usually make the engine rev up so dirt or fuel starvation is not likely apart from how it might affect the idle damper. If you have the manual you could check the idle damper adjustment but if not please leave it alone. Tony Brooks

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