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Posted: Fri Sep 13, 2013 11:39am

Post Subject: DAB Antenna Corrosion

Hi Tony I am upgrading my existing FM radio to a DAB model and am also fitting a Kinetic DRA-6001 DAB Antenna (designed for installation in cars).The antenna has a built in amplifier and requires a +12V dc supply, the negative connection is obtained through a the antenna securing nut which should be screwed down onto clean metal and suitably protected with grease. Can you see any corrosion problems with this type of antenna having the negative connection through the hull? Brian


Posted: Fri Sep 13, 2013 1:43pm

Post Subject: DAB Antenna Corrosion

In theory yes but in practise probably not - no garuntees though. I use an amplified aerial for my FM/AM reception and solved the problem by making up a metal bracket that I fixed to a fabricated metal bracket, which in turn is screwed to the extension of my cratch top board. Being wood this insulates it from the hull. It could also be screwed to the top of the cratch itself. If you decide the risk posed by theory is acceptable then please make sure the 12V feed is controlled by the radio's on/off switch. There is usually a wire for this purpose on modern car type radios. Doing this will minimise the time corrosion could take place. Many boats have their tunnel lamps, horn or, radio aerial "earthed" to the cabin top without noticeable problems. Tony Brooks

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