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Posted: Sun Dec 08, 2013 8:25pm

Post Subject: Perkins Electric Cold Start Heater Plug

Fitted to my Perkins 4.108, is an electric cold start aid. For some unknown reason the adapter that connects the plug to the manifold has started to melt and the plug does not stay in. I assuming the adapter has to be made from a non metal, otherwise there will be a short circuit. So I have 2 questions:- Does any body why the adapter is melting? Assuming that it is 'normal' for the plug to get so hot that it melts the adapter, then where can I buy an adapter that is not a plastic that melts ( I was thinking of some material like 'tufnol'). I've attached a photo of the heater plug. Thank you. Hugh White

Perkins Electric Cold Start Heater Plug

Posted: Mon Dec 09, 2013 9:33am

Post Subject: Perkins Electric Cold Start Heater Plug

Unfortunately any photo posted one here ends up too small to be useful, in your photo everything looks fine although I am sure it is not.What you show is a Thermostart or Flame plug which is very different to a normal glowplug. It has a fuel supply connected to it and when cold start is operated it creates a blow lamp effect by drawing fuel over the element. This creates far more heat in the general area than a normal glow plug. I have never seen a Thermostart fitted into anything other than directly into the metal manifold so if you have a plastic adaptor between them either it is a late production alteration or, more likely in my view, a bodge done at some time when possibly the thread in the aluminium manifold was stripped. I have seen such plugs where certain paxalon type parts inside cracked and the plug started to fall apart. There is a manual here: PERKINS/Perkins-4.107_4.108_4.99.pdf but it does not seem to say much about the thermostart. The official Perkins distributors in the UK are so it may be an idea to give them a ring about this. Tony Brooks

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