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Posted: Mon Feb 03, 2014 1:26pm

Post Subject: Anchors

We have a 57ft narrow boat & we intend to travel the Ribble Link & need to know what weight anchor we need plus length of chain & rope please


Posted: Mon Feb 03, 2014 2:48pm

Post Subject: Anchors

It is not just the size of anchor you need to worry about but also the anchor type and the length of chain, length of rope, depth of water, and type of bottom you will be anchoring in. I reproduce the answer I gave to similar question a few months:- I am not going to make a recommendation because if I did and something untoward happened I could find myself in court. If you Google Anchor Size or some-such you will find all sorts of sites that give you the information you ask for. However they are almost all sea going sites and whatever they say will be impossible for you to meet. This is on two main accounts. First of all the length of the chain and rope is dependant on depth of water you intend to anchor in - I bet you do not know that because any depths you may find will be minimum navigation depths while the actual depth can vary greatly from place to place. Next the weight they will indicate will almost certainly be far too great for you to manually handle from a narrowboat so you have to compromise. A recent publication from the RNLI in London made the following recommendation of a minimum of 5 metres of chain and 25 metres of rope but many feel this is not enough. You need to be able to lift the anchor and chain from the riverbed and although the water will lighten the load to some extent it will still be fairly heavy. Start by looking at a 25Kg anchor and at least 5m of chain and try to lift them. If you can't then go for a lighter anchor. The important thing about the chain is that it DOES NOT come from a DIY outlet, make sure you get proper anchor chain that has been load tested and certified. I suspect that the weight will dictate 3/8 chain. Take advice from a proper chandler and then heed what I have said. I am even more concerned about what you intend to tie it to. I have had two T studs fall off so make sure whatever you use is very securely fixed to the boat, preferably by through bolts with a backing plate. Tony Brooks

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