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Posted: Sun Feb 09, 2014 10:38am

Post Subject: How to replace a traveller toilet

We currently have a traveller 511 4 bolt toilet and want to change it for a 2 bolt traveller 311. I have also identified a floor flange adapter kit (from 4 bolt to 2) but cannot find out who stocks it on the internet. We also want to box the toilet tank in oak prior to fitting. This presents a problem with the toilet not meeting the flange fitting if fitted on top of the wood. Is there a spacer that we can use to connect the internal fittings (a difference of 20mm) or are we forced to fit directly to the floor flange and bury the base of the toilet in the wood. We obviously want it to look nice when completed. Any advise would be appreciated.


Posted: Sun Feb 09, 2014 12:22pm

Post Subject: How to replace a traveller toilet

Most, if not all dump-throughs I have seen seem to be fitted on top of the wood. On my own boat I found two thick pieces of "rubber" sat on top of the toilet tank with their OD and the ID of the hole in the wood being slightly smaller than OD of the toilet base. It ten had long, non-standard bolts holding the base to the tank top. It all went back (I was going the opposite way to you) with lots of sanitary sealer! r_Flanges_s/58.htm (an american site so not one to buy from shows a floor flange with a long "drop tube" on it that would probably fit on top of the wood and also a "Toilet Riser" that may help. The supplier of the 311 should be able to give the correct advice (unless its a !Bay bargain) and they should also be able to obtain the parts you need. Otherwise talk to who seem to be the acknowledged experts for inland boat toilets. Tony Brooks

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