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Posted: Mon Mar 03, 2014 10:19am

Post Subject: Engine not turning off

Hi Tony, I cannot turn off my engine using the stop button, I have to use the button on the injector pump. The engine is a yanmar 2ltr. I have removed the instrument panel and using a multimeter have checked the stop button is working, I have also checked I have battery voltage at the solenoid and that the return wiring is fine. This leads me to think it must be the stop solenoid is at fault, do you agree, if so is there a way I can test it before ordering a new part. Many Thanks alan


Posted: Mon Mar 03, 2014 11:25am

Post Subject: Engine not turning off

I think it all depends upon how you did those tests. I suspect that you are correct but to be sure you must understand that most stop solenoids draw a fair bit of current so testing for voltage without the solenoid connected or using an ohmmeter/continuity test could give unreliable results. I assume that as you say stop button your solenoid is an energise to stop type. Some Barrus marinised Yanmars use energise to run solenoids. Test the voltage between the solenoid pos. terminal on the solenoid with the cable still connected and clean metal (not the negative terminal) or the actual battery negative. If it shows more than about 11.5 volts (engine off) then the button is almost certainly OK. Then repeat with the negative terminal with the other end of the meter still as before (you will be measuring voltdrop on the negative side). If the reading is less than 0.5 volt then the negative wiring is OK. Finally test the solenoid by using two lengths of cable direct from battery to solenoid. If it does not make a healthy click the solenoid is faulty. If an energise to stop solenoid is left turned on for long periods they often melt insulation/paint and jam the moving armature but it is rare for a push button one to suffer like that. Tony Brooks

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