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Posted: Tue Mar 25, 2014 10:43am

Post Subject: Rust

Hello, now the better weather is not far away (hopefully), I intend to do some touch up on the paintwork. I have several places on the cabin sides along the gunwale, this has come through as raised up rusty patches, hopefully I will be able sand these back with a rotary disc in a drill, before I prime and repaint is there a decent rust killer that I can apply? Also, I need to sand back some parts of the gunwale, this has a very coarse anti-slip surface, doesn't look like sand in the paint, any thoughts on how to repair this after painting? Many Thanks, Alan


Posted: Tue Mar 25, 2014 1:07pm

Post Subject: Rust

It is usually considered that the best way to treat rust is to try to sand it back it bright metal but this is often very hard. I tend to use abrasive disks of some sort to get the worst off. I then use a Dremel like tool to try to remove the rust from the pits and treat the whole area with Fertan. Once that process has cured I rub down again to remove the Fertan from what was the bright steel and apply two coats of anti-rust primer. Then follow the recommendations for the paint you are applying. Probably rub down, normal primer, undercoat and two top coats. The gunwale may be covered in Protectacoat which has ground rubber (old tyres) in it and if so you would have to apply some more. My own boat had what looked like horticultural grit in the paid while some manufacturers cell polymer "grit" to add to the paint. See if you can find some grit or polymer of similar size to the existing then after derusting, treating and priming work up to a single top coat. Then sprinkle the grit/polymer onto the wet paint and let it dry. Brush off the surplus and follow with two more top coats. It may be easier to take the lot off and apply new Protectacoat or a conventional sanded finish.

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