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Posted: Tue Mar 03, 2015 11:00am

Post Subject: Toilets

Hi Tony, A couple of questions concerning toilets, my boat is now 12 years old and about 3 times now the macerator toilet has jammed, upon stripping down all that seeme to be the problem is a build up of lime scale. Do you think it would be ok to tip a bottle of lime scale desolving liquid in to the toilet to eradicate this problem. Secondly, I feel there may be a build up in the bottom of the holding tank, with no inspection hatch it's impossible to gain access, do you know if there is anything that can be poured into the tank to help break down this build up.. Many Thanks Alan


Posted: Tue Mar 03, 2015 11:54am

Post Subject: Toilets

Last year a member on another forum was having similar scale problems with a dump-through using biological tank additives. In these systems smell control is vial and they did not want to use anything that would destroy the bacteria in the tank. They were told that Ecover toilet cleaner would do what they want. My wife uses the same fluid to clean our dump-through and it does not seem to cause problems. So you can use that to attack the lime scale or try citric acid (lemon juice) or white vinegar. I suspect all these fluids would need plenty of time to work. You could also ask Lee Sanitation about this. As far as I know, but Lee Sanitation my know differently, there is no product that will itself break down any build up in the bottom of a holding tank. However encouraging the correct type of micro-organisms to colonise the tank will, over time, gradually break such stuff down. If you use conventional Blue in the tank it will kill the microbes you want and it may take some time to flush it all form the tank. If you do not use conventional Blue then starts using one of the biological toilet treatments sold for dump-throughs as routine like Odourloss, bio-magic, New Blu Loo Company, etc. to feed the microbes but start off by flushing a tub of bio-yoghurt down the loo first. You could also try yeast or septic tank treatment products. As long as there is an adequate supply of air to the tank the bugs will work on the sewerage and also any deposits on the tank bottom. You will in effect be setting up a mini sewerage treatment works in your tank. If that does not work then I fear it means a hole cut in the top of the tank and a pressure washer.

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