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Posted: Tue Jul 07, 2015 2:53pm

Post Subject: Morse Control Slipping

Hi Canal Boat, Our Morse Control has started slipping from low revs to idle. It appears to be the lever mechanism itself - the handle moves back to idle if I leave it at low revs, when passing moored craft for example. I have dismantled, cleaned and tightened everything I could find inside the lever mechanism. Can anyone advise on a solution? The boat (and I presume the Morse lever are 14years old). Many thanks NB SqueezeBox.


Posted: Tue Jul 07, 2015 5:39pm

Post Subject: Morse Control Slipping

The words Morse Control have become generic like Hoover for vacuum cleaner so although More branded controls are available yours may not be. The there is the questions of what model control you have and maybe what is the make and model of the engine. The model of true Morse branded control often fitted to narrowboats does not have an adjustable friction control. Many of the non-Morse ones do so if your control turns out not to be a true Morse one see if you still have or can find an on-line manual/instructions for it. Possibly it might only require a nut or screw adjusting. If, when you took your control apart you found a ball bearing at the top held against a drum like part of the control by some/a flat spring blades then you could try packing the spring so the ball exerts more pressure on the drum. I would also tend to fit the ball and drum dry to maximise the friction. It is possible that the governor spring in the injector pump is forcing the lever towards idle. If so and if there is a return spring on the throttle lever on the engine try removing the return spring. Failing that try fitting an "opening" spring (a return spring in reverse) to the throttle lever to counteract the governor action. If that does not appeal then maybe you are left with the option of hanging a small bag with some weight in it on the control lever. I hope this helps. If not please send a photo of the control plus make and model of the engine to I will see if I can identify the control so I can give you more information.

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