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Posted: Sat Aug 29, 2015 12:31pm

Post Subject: stern gland

hi ya iv always had a problem with my stern gland leaking i have replaced the packaging as instructions thats 3 rolls but it still leaks water and when i turn greeser to pack stern greese comes out of stern gland as well hope someone can help thanks yamyam


Posted: Sat Aug 29, 2015 4:18pm

Post Subject: stern gland

There is not enough information to help me form an opinion as to why this should be. A worn shaft, broken engine mounts, a misaligned engine, and a bent shaft can all cause these symptoms, as can the failure to adjust the gland correctly. Grease issuing from the front of the gland often indicates the adjustment is too loose. Many glands have 3 rings of packing but there are some about that use more. Keep adding rings until the last ring when pushed home is just below the end of whatever it is fitted into. This is so you can get the pusher/hollow nut back in place. Turn the shaft by hand, possibly using the coupling. Assuming a two stud type gland tighten each nut in turn by an equal amount. Say 1 flat (1/6th turn) until you feel the packing starting to grip the shaft. Then tighten the lock nuts. Run the boat in gear and keep putting your hand on the gland, it can run warm but never hot. If it gets hot slacken the adjusting nuts slightly. Convention has it that the gland should leak between 1 and 2 drips a minute that stops when you use the greaser. If you have a stainless steel shaft you can, at your own risk, tighten the gland until the drip just about stops BUT a bead of water or grease forms at the front of the gland when you use the greaser. The gland should still not run hot though. If you can not stop the leaks by adjustment then you will have to start looking at those other things. If you remove the packing you might be able to assess any shaft wear by using a piece of bent wire to feel the surface of the shaft.

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