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Posted: Tue Nov 24, 2015 11:46am

Post Subject: Batteries

Good Morning Tony, I have recently replaced my batteries with "maintenance free" batteries. Visually they are no different from the originals, having a screw plug on top of each cell. Do I still need to check the electrolyte level from time to time? Regards Len Palfrey nb Hobbyhorse


Posted: Tue Nov 24, 2015 12:45pm

Post Subject: Batteries

Hello Len, To be sure you need to direct that question to the makers, importers or distributors. However a few comments and assuming they are flooded lead acid cells. Not so many years ago the make up of the lead alloy used in many battery plates changed so Calcium is now use in pace of Antinomy and this reduced the amount of gassing so that with a larger volume of "excess" acid reduced the need to top up to such an extent that providing the maximum charging voltage is not exceeded the battery is likely to die of old age before it needs topping up. The downside of that is that when a battery starts to fail because of old age often one or two cells will start to short circuit internally and those cells start to gas more. The easiest way most boaters find the developing problem is they find some dry cells. If you do not check now and again you will no know until you get a horrible rotten egg smell and a totally failed battery. By then there is seem danger of a cell exploding, especially if the battery is left on charge unattended. In my view it would be prudent to check cells at least once a year and more frequently if you have nay sort of advanced charge controller. You should also check them if there is any sign of the ends of the battery bowing out or they are emitting a smell.

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