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Posted: Sun Jan 03, 2016 10:12am

Post Subject: Temperature Gauge

I have a lister LPWS4 with a deluxe power panel . The temp gauge has started flapping about all over the place. I have tried shorting sender but the gauge did not go to high. have you any idea of likely cause


Posted: Sun Jan 03, 2016 10:36am

Post Subject: Temperature Gauge

I am going to assume this is a fast moving gauge that flicks up to its temperature reading when the ignition is turned on. If it is a slow moving gauge please come back. The fast gauges are normally bi-coil gauges and if the coil that is earthed (negative) gets an open circuit then the gauge will flick to full scale deflection. So the first thing to do is to make sure there are no external loose connections or damaged wires. While an intermittent earth fault may explain the flapping about it does not explain why earthing the wire at the sender does not give full scale deflection. This suggests the problem may be in the positive side or, more likely, on the cable between gauge and sender. Most boats have at least one large multi-plug connector on their main engine wiring harness. This may have developed a loose or dirty connection. If you are sure the wiring has no faults then you are left with a faulty gauge save for one thing. Many Listers of the more modern variety use a relay that provides a negative path when starting rather than simply having an earth return circuit for just the engine electrics. If this plays up it could give odd symptoms, especially if there is an intermittent fault like a loose or dirty connection. However I would expect this to cause starting problems before gauge problems. Check all the wiring and connections and if all is well change the gauge.

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