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Posted: Mon Dec 05, 2016 1:35pm

Post Subject: New heating system

Hi, I am just in the process of buying a 38ft Dutch steel cruiser and the only heating is a wood burner stove and I was looking either to put a diesel air blower or an oil filled radiator system. I was wondering what is the best. Any help?


Posted: Mon Dec 05, 2016 6:40pm

Post Subject: New heating system

I am not sure about what you exactly mean by a diesel air blower. You might might mean one of the rocket type things that you can see heating workshops and if so I very much doubt it will be suitable or even pas a BSS examination. If you mean a hot air version of the typical Wabasto/Eberspacher type heater then they seem to be more reliable that the water versions but I would have similar reservations about running them for long periods at reduced/low output. You also need to factor in heat losses through the air ducting. At least hiding the ducting will be far less of a problem on a wide beam boat. If you will only use them when on a shore line then the easiest and probably most reliable will be some form of electrical heating but if you intend to leave it on when you are away from the boat please read your insurance documents very carefully. At least one insurer has said that using non-marine approved types would invalidate the insurance. Electric heating from batteries or generator will become very expensive and will probably ruin even the best batteries within months, if not weeks, but it all depends upon your charging equipment, regime and battery bank size. Although gas is expensive to run a bulkhead mounted gas fired hot sir blower with thermostat might be suitable and relatively simple to install. How do you intent to get hot water? If it is from the engine then maybe something like a wet system with radiators and a twin coil calorifier fed by a Hurricane diesel boiler may do the job. I am afraid that I can not say much more based on what you have told us. I chose a solid fuel stove and a gas fired wet heating boiler with a room stat. As I said gas is arguably the most expensive form of boat heating but it is fast and when the stove is running spends a lot of time not running. During the freezing conditions at the start of last week (-7C) we were perfectly warm enough.

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