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Posted: Sat Apr 29, 2017 6:05pm

Post Subject: 1.8 BMC

I have a fuel from the diesel is leaking from the throttle unit/govener.i have removed the linkage but there is a quadrant plate that goes against the throttle stop which looks like it should lift of but it won't move? Do you know how this comes of ? I presume there is a seal/ 'o 'ring underneath.


Posted: Sat Apr 29, 2017 7:14pm

Post Subject: 1.8 BMC

All the BMC1.8s that I have seen use a CAV DPA injector pump but they do not have a quadrant plate. Beneath the lever there is a disk with small holes punched around the edge. Dimples in the back of the throttle lever fit into whichever pair of these holes required to set the lever in position for that particular use. This disk also has an extension around part of it that bears against either the idle screw or maximum fuel stop. The lever has a round hole in it and the disk an oval hole with two flats that match the spindle. I do not understand why you can not simply pull the lever and disk off once you have removed the nut from the spindle. Some 1.8s use a remote quadrant to allow a better cable angle of attachment but it has nothing to do with the governor assembly. It is vital on these pumps that the throttle cable is adjusted so the "disk" hardly bears upon the idle stop when the control is set to idle. If there is any degree of tension/compression in the cable it forces the spindle hard against the O ring so leaks are likely. The O ring is on the spindle, not in the housing, so you could just pull the whole spindle and lever assembly out of the pump AFTER you have removed the vertical governor assembly securing screw that is on the same side as the throttle lever but you would have to ensure it is properly located in the governor valve when you reassemble. I would advise that you google for a hydraulically governed CAV DPA manual before going any further. Try here rarycontentview.aspx?category=Publications+and+W orkshop+Manuals+(not+on+Direct+Evolution)&ca tegoryDesc=&VirtualCatalog=Diesel+NA+SD& catId=Publications+and+Workshop+Manuals but make sure you use the HYDRAULICALLY GOVERNED parts, not mechanically governed..

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