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Posted: Wed Aug 13, 2008 7:06pm

Post Subject: lpg cooker jets

I have a natural gas cooker that I want to convert to lpg. It is an old 1950's model so is very difficult to get parts. I have the original jets and the size and wondered if anyone knew where to possibly try for corresponding lpg jets? I will get a corgi engineer for the work I just havent had any luck with the parts so far Thanks for any help/advice.


Posted: Wed Aug 13, 2008 7:41pm

Post Subject: lpg cooker jets

Dear Vanessa, as this is an inland boating related forum I must assume that you intend to fit the cooker in an inland boat. As such it HAS to comply with the Boat Safety Scheme (they have a website with full details on it) and I very much doubt a 1950s cooker will comply. Being a second hand cooker things are a little muddied and unless you are considered "competent" it will have to be fitted by a CORGI engineer (as you say). This raises more potential problems. As far as the BSS is concerned I think the cooker must have a flame failure device on the oven and it may also have to have the same for ALL burners. The CORGI chap will have to fit it in accordance with his codes of practice and these may be stricter than the BSS demands. I must urge extreme caution because you do not want to find the insurance is invalidated by fitting a non-compliant cooker. I think manufacturers only reckons to keep parts available for between 10 & 15 years after manufacturing ceases and there has been a lot of closures and takeovers among domestic appliance manufacturers so I strongly suspect you have very little chance. However you might be able to find someone with the knowledge to work out the jet (injector) size required and then have a local engineering firm make them using the ones you have as a pattern but I doubt you can get flame failures fitted so I can not see it being economic. Tony Brooks

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