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Posted: Wed May 01, 2019 7:02pm

Post Subject: Environmental Kindness

Hi. We are very aware of our enviro impact on the cut when cruising. One area is what we pour into the water from washing. This is especially important when we are moored at the end of an arm where there is little water movement. Can you advise on the best soap, shower gel, shampoo and washing powder to use? Also are there any enviro friendly stern gland grease to use? Thanks


Posted: Thu May 02, 2019 6:18am

Post Subject: Environmental Kindness

As you should not run your engine in gear when moored being at the end of an arm should make little difference in respect of stern glands grease unless your gland is very worn or you deliberately over lubricate it. If you reach through the weed hatch and feel around where the shaft exits the boat after you use the greaser you will feel if you have pushed much grease out of the back. However this grease seem to be what you want: bil-shc-aware-grease-ep-2 but where you will get it from I have no idea. If the grease is of great concern to you then change your gland for a packless type that uses rubber Cutless shaft bearings. They either need no grease or a small amount of silicon grease every year or so. As for the rest I think the "better" supermarkets all see a range of such products, Ecover being a popular choice. There is/was a boat touring the system that sold you the products by decanting it into your own container. I don't think a simple unscented soap is harmful and in any case the amount used and the dilution rate makes a very small if any impact on the environment. Why the need for shower gel if you have soap? Experiment with whatever washing up liquid you buy, try it on your hair as well.

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