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Posted: Sun May 19, 2019 2:46pm

Post Subject: Sanimarin toilet

We have two sanimarin toilets in which the macerator and discharge to holding tank are only operating intermittently. The water filling part works perfectly well, but the maceration and discharge as I've indicated work only intermittently. This problem originated after the main wiring harness was replaced after a fault burnt out the original one. I mention this only for completeness as I can't see how this could be the cause of the problem


Posted: Sun May 19, 2019 3:16pm

Post Subject: Sanimarin toilet

If by "main wiring harness" you mean the boat's wiring rather than smaller harnesses linking the Sanimarin controls to the motors and valves then I can see exactly how that fault could have been introduced. Especially if the times they work happen to coincide with when the engine is running, possibly later in the day, or a battery charger is in its acceptance phase. I gather from communications elsewhere that the Sanimarine control may check voltage at its input and refuse to work if it finds it too low. They seem to demand a lot of power, especially on start up so if the cables now feeding the toilets are undersized they would create voltdrop and make the control think the battery voltage is lower that it really is. The longer the cable run the worse this will be. If whoever fitted the new cables was guided by the current capacity on the cable drum or catalogue rather than doing a voltdrop calculation then this is a very likely cause. Loose or dirty/corroded connections anywhere between the battery, Sanimarin and back to the battery may also cause this sort of problem. The extra voltage from the alternator or battery charger may well be enough to hide such a fault. I understand that the recommended cable size is 8 sq mm conductor cross sectional area but I would want to do the volt drop calculation unless the recommendation came from a source that allowed for long cable runs that are often found on canal boats. I think Lee Sanitation are the agents

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