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Posted: Mon Sep 22, 2008 6:48pm

Post Subject: BMC 1.8 Diesel Smell

hi, I have a bmc 1.8 engine that starts fine, runs well, but i get a strong smell of fresh diesel in the cab, normally after mooring, ie after running the engine for 30 mins to an hour. I have checked for leaks etc etc but can't find anything. Can anybody help or suggest anything i can look for. It seems to happen if i am at idle for say 2 - 3 minutes prior to mooring up. Many thanks


Posted: Tue Sep 23, 2008 9:41am

Post Subject: BMC 1.8 Diesel Smell

Dear James, I assume that you have checked the engine oil for signs of diesel leaking into the sump. If you are not suffering crankcase dilution and are 100% sure there are no leaks AND you have no diesel slopping about in the engine drip tray or even the bilge (from bleeding possibly) then I do not see how it can be a diesel smell. I suggest you first clean out the drip tray and then inspect the bilge. I am a bit concerned about the use of the term "cab". This suggest it may not be a narrowboat and may also not subject to the Boat Safety Inspection so it is possible that your fuel tank breather may be venting into the "cab" rather than outside air. It is possible that the slightly warmed return fuel may cause fumes from the breather, but I rather doubt it. Once that is done I think you need to have a very close look at the exhaust in case it is leaking fumes - especially if its a dry exhaust - and also at the exhaust manifold gasket. If the engine is getting on a bit and the air cleaner tends to drips oil ten remove the breather hose from the air cleaner, extend it rig up a temporary overboard vent. It could be fumes from the crankcase caused by excess piston blow by. Tony Brooks

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