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Posted: Thu Dec 18, 2008 5:35pm

Post Subject: Replacing Antifreeze

I want to drain down and replace the antifreeze on my boat. The cooling tanks are either side of the swim with one delivery pipe attached to the top of the left hand and one to the top of the right hand tank (not sure which is in and out) the tanks have a breather plug on each side. Also could you estimate the amount of antifreeze required. The boat is 60ft on a Reeves shell with a Barrus Shire 45hp engine. Thanks for your help.


Posted: Thu Dec 18, 2008 6:10pm

Post Subject: Replacing Antifreeze

Dear David, are you sure there are no "hidden" pipes at the bottom of the tanks, possibly right up against the bulkhead? The reason I ask is that the way you describe it Reeves seem to have cooling water running up hill in one tank and that seems plain daft to me because cooling water falls, not rises. If the system is exactly as you describe I suspect there is a steel joining pipe running between the two tanks at base plate level and possible right across the front of the engine. If you can locate this there may be a single drain plug in the engine drip tray area, if not then each tank should have a drain plug. Failing that all I can suggest is that you ask Reeves how you are supposed to drain the tanks and the tell me please. If you would care to supply me with the length, height and thickness of the tanks (internal dimensions) I will work out how much antifreeze is required, otherwise buy a lot (say 15 litres - it will store) and when you are refilling put in alternate pints of antifreeze and pints of water, counting and noting how much you put in. This will give you a 50% mixture whilst pint of antifreeze to two pints of water will give you about a 30% mixture. Make sure you run the engine until the thermostat opens then for at least another 15 minutes to mix the antifreeze and water. If you need more precise info then you will need to look in your Beta handbook and the ask Reeves for the capacity of their tanks and interconnecting pipes. Add to those to figures about 3 or 4 pints for the hose capacity, then calculate either half or one third of the answer depending upon your decision on a 50% or 30% mixture. Sorry not to be much help. Tony Brooks

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