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Posted: Fri Jan 16, 2009 10:08pm

Post Subject: Heating a widebeam boat.

Hi,I'm new to the world of canal boats and in need of some advise please. My wife and I are giving serious thought to buying a widebeam boat (55ft x 10ft) from scratch.There is one area I'am confused on. Heating. I'am told to heat a boat of this size in winter would cost approx £10.00 a day using something called a Hurricane diesel boiler. Is this right? Bearing in mind we are starting with a steel shell, what would you recommend? Many thanks for your time to help, Mark.


Posted: Sat Jan 17, 2009 7:26pm

Post Subject: Heating a widebeam boat.

Dear Mark, I do not see how anyone can make that statement before the boat is built. As you seem concerned about heating costs I assume this will be your home so you have to decide your priorities for all the domestic systems. You will probably want some mains powered equipment and this might indicate a need for a permanent (winter) shore line or an on-board generator rather than running the mains equipment off and inverter and battery bank. Once you get reliable mains In suspect a small domestic oil fired boiler may be the more reliable option, but if you only have 12 or 24 volts DC you will be forced to look at a different set of boilers of which the Hurricane is possibly the more reliable, but is rather different to the others. Building from scratch will allow you to install a very high standard of thermal insulation and consider either primary or secondary double glazing. This must reduce your heating requirements, but until you can define the insulation values of the boat no one can give definitive advice on the type and cost of heating. I o not think you should rule out a solid fuel stove driving radiators with diesel or gas as a back up/fast on system but that is a personal decision to do with how adverse you are to dust/ash and your life style. FWIW gas is generally felt to be expensive yet my costs (54' x 7')come nowhere near £10 a day, so now the fuel VAT situation has been resolved I suspect that price is rather high. Please try to fit a separate heating fuel tank so you can more easily prove your use of zero rated heating fuel. Once you have the insulation values for your boat a decent central heating engineer should be able to advise on boiler size and from that you could estimate running costs. Tony Brooks

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