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Posted: Mon Jan 19, 2009 11:21am

Post Subject: TV aerial

Hi Tony, Ben here again. Thanks for all you advice of late. I'm thinking of installing a TV aerial on my narrowboat and wondered if you knew whether the small dish/bubble type powered ones are any good? I realise the bigger the aerial then probably the better the signal, but I'd like to keep things as minimal as possible. My boat is moored in the centre of Bristol, so signal strength should be pretty good. Any advice would be appreciated. Cheers.


Posted: Mon Jan 19, 2009 2:09pm

Post Subject: TV aerial

Dear Ben, I used to use one of the "squirrel cage" Omnimax aerial together with the 12V amplifier supplied with it. I found that in urban areas with lots of tall buildings (the Floating Harbour is very similar) it was prone to excessive ghosting and to be honest I can not see any omni-directional aerial like the flying saucer ones being any different. I am told that they do work well enough with Freeview in stronger signal areas. I also found that replacing the aerial @ £50 a throw when it got knocked off for a variety of reasons a bit expensive. For instance, once on a stair case the following boat opened the gate paddles of our lock before we had exited it, giving insufficient headroom under the associated bridge. I have kept the Omnimax amplifier and now use a directional Status Image 530-18 aerial on the end of a long pole. This has proved more satisfactory than the omni-directional one once I align it with the transmitter. Height is the key to good reception and minimising aircraft ghosting. I have hinged a 3m extending window washing pole on my roof to carry the aerial when in use. That aerial costs a bit over £20 and can be stowed flat against the hull inner lining pushed onto a stub of broom handle when not in use. I trust this is some help. Although they will work I doubt I will ever buy another "permanently mounted" omni-directional aerial. Tony Brooks

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