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Posted: Sat Jan 24, 2009 1:15pm

Post Subject: Boating on the Derwent

We are cruising to Ripon this year and would like to then travel down the Ouse to it's junction with the Derwent.Can you advise what is the current situation with the Derwent and Pocklington.Is it feasible to cruise them(some of our friends think not) and if so are there any particular problems for an experienced Narrowboat crew?


Posted: Sun Jan 25, 2009 9:26am

Post Subject: Boating on the Derwent

Dear Victor, you really need Martin to answer this but as its a weekend he is probably knee deep in mud somewhere with WRG. Waterscape says this about the Derwent: "The River Derwent rises high on the moors near Scarborough, and flows through remote North Yorkshire countryside to meet the River Ouse at Barmby Barrage. Though the river was historically navigated as far upstream as Malton and even beyond, a long legal battle over rights of navigation means that boats are now usually confined to the river downstream of Stamford Bridge. Navigation above Sutton Lock, Elvington is by permission. Water is extracted from the Derwent and boats navigating it must have written clearance regarding boat discharge and pollution. Further details from Barmby Tidal Barrage on 01757 638579." and this about the canal: "The Pocklington Canal is navigable from the River Derwent as far as the Melbourne Arm, though there may be problems with weed control in the summer months. From the Melbourne Arm to Canal Head, near Pocklington, the canal is under restoration and is not currently navigable. Length 56ft 9in (17.2m). Beam 14ft (4.2m). Headroom 8ft (2.4m)." So it looks as if some of both are navigable (subject to permission) and that is as I understood the situation. Tony Brooks

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