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Posted: Thu Feb 12, 2009 7:14pm

Post Subject: Continuous cruising

Hi, I've just received my first Canal Boat magazine (March 2009). In the Letters section there are references to canal users moaning about someone who was Continuous Cruising. I'm saving hard to become a continuous cruiser myself...... please could someone tell me what the problem is??? Worried.


Posted: Thu Feb 12, 2009 8:33pm

Post Subject: Continuous cruising

Dear Nicky, unfortunately a number of factors have come together that have resulted in ever increasing numbers of boaters who appear to make no attempt to comply with BW regulations and bylaws and also seem to ignore the various mooring time limits and minimum distance travelled guidance for BW. This has not been helped by TV “life style” programs and a general perception among non-boaters that living on a boat is cheap housing. It seems that the legislation under which BW have to operate is totally unfit for purpose today so although they try BW’s attempts to control the issue appears to be ineffective, despite publicity about boat seizures etc. there are areas on the system that seem to be linear long term boat parks with many of the boats apparently unlicensed with all that entails for boat safety inspections and insurance. Often the overstaying on moorings seems to be accompanied by using the area around the boat for general storage and refuse disposal. Genuine continuous cruisers seem to be just as upset about this as “part time” boaters but all the licensed continuous moorers (a far better term in my view) have to declare themselves as continuous cruisers when licensing their boat so the name sticks. Boaters who pay their dues and try to stick to the rules are finding they can not moor near facilities in places because certain boaters are overstaying. I have also heard whispers that BW are hardening their usually helpful stance when real problems strike a boater in certain areas and making life more difficult for everyone. I am sure that if you stick to the rules, license your boat, never overstay on timed moorings and move a fair distance after 14 days on any other mooring you will not have any undue problems. However I can see the “them and us” situation getting worse unless BW can get a new Act that allows them to get a grip on those who blatantly abuse the system. At the moment BW seem intent on trying to find a way of getting any boater who does not declare a home mooring to pay more so please factor that into your planning. As a guide a home mooring probably costs between about £500 and £5000 a year with official residential ones far more and virtually unobtainable.

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