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Posted: Sat Feb 21, 2009 10:53am

Post Subject: Batteries will not charge.

I switched my battery charger to "Fast Start Boost" because the batteries were flat.They have been ok but i topped up with distilled water,two batteries, is this a coincidence they wont charge at the same time I topped up the water? I am trying to start the engine to take boat up river(narrow boat(.The Charger is an ABSAAR) The rest of the electrics is ok. Will I simply have to change the batteries.? Thanks


Posted: Mon Feb 23, 2009 9:20am

Post Subject: Batteries will not charge.

I am afraid ABSARR is not a lot of help because they supply so may types. If this is a low output one and you tried to start it with the charger connected then you might (not will) have damaged the charger. I know my charger does not indicate it is charging very flat batteries until it has been on a while but a voltage check shows it is charging. So if you are going by an led perhaps the battery is just very flat. I do not like the sound of the topping up. A battery that needs lots of topping up is often at the end of its life. Have you cleaned the battery posts and clamps? A dirty or loose terminal may well give you your symptoms. Simply topping up should not prevent a battery charging, but refilling a leaking battery with distilled water may well, so is it leaking or is the loss of electrolyte due to gassing? I can not tell you if you need to change your batteries without a set of hydrometer readings and you can not take those until the distilled water has been well mixed inside the battery by charging. Put the battery on charge for a couple of days (not if its a single stage charger), let it stand for a couple of days and then check the terminal voltage. If its less than about 12.7 volts then the battery either did not charge or its faulty. To test the charger connect it and a voltmeter across the battery and note the reading. Turn the charger on and the voltmeter should jump up a little. If it does leave it alone and check the reading at regular intervals. If it gets above 13.6 to 13.8 volts it is probably working so leave it until the batteries are fully charged. i can not be more specific without the knowing the charger specifications.

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