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Posted: Thu May 14, 2009 7:19pm

Post Subject: Calling Continuous Cruisers

Hello Tony, I wonder if you, or perhaps any seasoned Continuous Cruisers, can advise me or recommend a suitable publication? I am in the process of buying my own boat and intend to travel the network for a few years Continuously Cruising. I am concerned that when I achieve this goal, and thus no longer have a fixed address, then certain things could become rather difficult (mail, doctor, driving licence address etc). I have found several web-sites that provide mailing address. You get a proper street address with a box number and the word âboxâ can be substituted for âsuiteâ, âdepartmentâ, âroomâ etc. Then, as one travels the network you can use a Post Office free service (faint!) called Post Restante and have your mail sent out which you collect from the village, town or city Post Office you are moored near. Whilst of course the above situation would be ideal for ordinary mail could one register ones bank details and driving licence etc using such a mailing address? And if not how does one register a driving licence if you are travelling? Likewise bank accounts etc? Also what would one do regarding access to doctors? I was recently in Cornwall working for a few months and needed a doctor. I went to the local surgery and was able to temporarily register there providing I was going to be at my temporary address for a minimum of two weeks, which I was. They also wanted details of my home doctor which in that scenario was fine and I was able to provide. However, when I am living afloat I technically do not have home doctor or a permanent address so what would be the position? Any info would be very gratefully received. jimbo17

Calling Continuous Cruisers

Posted: Fri May 15, 2009 9:26am

Post Subject: Calling Continuous Cruisers

Dear Jim, I suggest that you join the Residential Boat Owners Association who will give you lots of advice and help. I have seen at least one book but I think the RBOA will be able to recommend the best one. As far as addresses etc. are concerned I think most people use the address of a very trusted friend or close relative. However I think just for devilment I would be tempted to try to register a TV license in the name of the boat rather just ignoring the need for a license - I bet they would not issue one! Our friends who have just come ashore after several years afloat kept their same doctor and did most of their financial stuff via the internet. However I could not advise this unless you have your own connection as opposed to using internet cafés and libraries. Step one - get onto the RBOA. Tony Brooks

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