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Posted: Mon Aug 03, 2009 6:17pm

Post Subject: Gas fridge not getting cold

I have electroloux 3 way fuel fridge RH 400P The gas burner is working but the fridge is not getting cold - the ice box is slightly cold. Fridge is 18 years old!! Please advise Thanks Peter


Posted: Tue Aug 04, 2009 3:08pm

Post Subject: Gas fridge not getting cold

Dear Peter, the burner flame MUST be blue with no signs of yellow. Sometimes you get a sort of orange flicker on the top of the blue flame but any yellow is a definite no-no. Not only will a yellow flame be trying to kill you with carbon monoxide but it burns at a far lower temperature. Everything I now say assumes that you are competent to undertake gas work within the realms of the BSS or Gas Safe as applicable to your type of boating. If the flame is yellow the burner needs removing and its air holes blowing out. These can block with fluff, hair or rust from the chimney. Whilst the fridge is out of its cubbyhole make sure there is a twisted piece of metal suspended down the chimney by a wire rod hooked over the chimney lip. If it is not there contact Dometic to ensure the fridge should have one and then order one. Pull the twisted metal out of the chimney and make sure it has no black streaks on it (soot from yellow flame). Then you need to brush all the rust and soot from the chimney. Dometic used to sell a special wire brush for this but I often used to pull some strands from an ordinary wire brush and lock then between a doubled over and twisted piece if stiff wire. Only after you have brushed the chimney & refitted the twisted metal refit the burner. With the boat in its normal trim use a spirit level and pack under the fridge feet to ensure it is mounted horizontally. I have found it sometimes helps persuade this type of fridge (NEVER ELECTRIC COMPRESSOR FRIDGES) to turn them upside down and give the metal tubes at the back a good seeing to with the heel of say a trainer or light shoe. Let it stand fro an hour or so when you turn it the correct way up before relighting it. If none of that works I am afraid you probably need a fridge engineer. Tony Brooks

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