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Posted: Mon Aug 10, 2009 9:31pm

Post Subject: Smoking engine

Dear Tony We recently bought a narrow boat that is 5 years old but it has only been in the water approx 10 months.At the time of purchase the engine hourmeter showed 14.7 hours run.I checked what physical evidence I could i.e oil condition,filters,signs of general usage but believe the hour meter to be correct. The engine is a Barrus Shire 39hp.I have changed the oil and filter and used Barrus engine oil as recommended by them. My problem is that from initial start up to warmed up running I have noticable grey smoke coming from the exhaust. The engine has now done 80 hours and is still smoking. i first thought that it was burning oil but regular checks of the engine oil have shown no obvious loss of oil from the sump. Fuel consumption seems to be excellent. As this engine has basically been standing for nearly 5 years could there be a problem with the oil rings or could it be a crank case ventilation problem? Could you suggest an additive perhaps for the oil which might help to reduce this problem. I don't believe that internal wear is a factor. I would appreciate your thoughts. many thanks, Andrew


Posted: Mon Aug 10, 2009 10:07pm

Post Subject: Smoking engine

Dear Andrew, I doubt it's run in and if your numbers are correct I suspect the bores and rings may have gone rusty. If you search the new you may find a supplier of special running in oil. If it were mine I think I would have gentle cruise to a large river and run downstream for a couple of days. Then turn around an come back up at the maximum permitted speed. Slowing for say 5 minutes in every hour. I would change the oil and filter before and after the high speed running.It would also not hurt to seek advice from E P Barrus themselves. I have assumed this is a dry exhaust boat. It is possible that any wadding in the silencer has got sodden and may take some time to dry out at canal speeds & loads. Tony Brooks

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