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Posted: Sun Aug 16, 2009 6:55pm

Post Subject: contaminated diesel

HELP! I have been having problems with my diesel being contaminated with water. I have gone through 3 diesel filters in as many weeks. RCR have drained as much out as possible and variouse addatives have been administered. I understand that a trap of some kind can be installed between diesel tank and the filter, but all my chandlers seem to offer is another filter with another element to clog up. Can you help and offer any ideas. Thanking you in anticipation Barrie


Posted: Mon Aug 17, 2009 9:36am

Post Subject: contaminated diesel

Dear Barrie, Forget chandlers, go to a diesel specialist (most town have one) and ask for a CAV Sedimentor. This looks a bit like what the chandlers have been trying to sell you but instead of a filter element it uses an inverted cone to remove about 80%of the water. Then you need the one with the filter (an Agglomerator) to remove the rest but the engine filter is an agglomerator. You ill need to know the size of fuel pipe on the boat and you will need a metal drain screw because modern ones use plastic. Also specify a metal bowl because glass ones can fail a BSS inspection. I think you must check that water is not leaking into the tank. Check any bolts that hold the rudder bearing onto the boat (if they are bolts take them out an seal the threads). If the fuel filler is a male plug into a female fitting make sure the sealing O ring is in good condition and lubricate it with Vaseline or silicon grease. Make sure the tank breather is fitted is such a way that water can not leak into one of the holes, and finally there is always the slight possibility that the rudder tube has failed in some way. If its an old boat it might have a rust hole in it. If this was my boat I would be making up a pump and long probe to push into the back corners of the tank to ensure the water has all been removed and also to check that no more is leaking in. Please keep us informed. Tony Brooks

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